Industrial Knife Safety

Every year numerous injuries are caused by box cutters and knives used in industrial workplaces.  These cuts can be minor, but it is easy to get a serious cut from these devices.  I had a customer contact me this morning asking for an Industrial Safety Knife with a guarded blade.  We have them, and sell them to a number of companies. 

Injuries usually occur when someone puts an unguarded knife into a pocket and slices into their skin, when replacing or disposing of used blades, or when cutting heavy materials and slipping past the cutting area to cut or stab their own body.  The safety knives we have employ a guard.  There is a release button to engage, so that you can only make one cut.  The guard over the blade snaps closed when it is not in contact with material and/or the release is not engaged.  The entire knife is disposable, so there is no blade replacement.  I have a couple of horror stories about how people got injured while performing blade replacements!

I won’t say that you cannot get injured with this knife, but you really have to try.  I had one company tell me that before they starting using these guarded knives, they had a knife injury that cost them $8000 in medical bills.  A $3.00 safety knife seems like a bargain.

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