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Spring-Loaded Dock Plate

April 22, 2010
We got a product announcement today from Bluff Manufacturing. The new product is a spring-loaded dock plate. The aluminum plate is fitted with a spring-loaded mechanism that fixes it in place to the dock floor. The springs allow the plate to be safely lowered into place for use and then easily returned to a vertical position for storage. No more injuries from handling dock plates and no chance of losing it! In addition, the plate in its vertical stored position serves as a guard from items rolling off the dock. 

 The spring-loaded dock plate is ideal for a dock situation where the same type of trucks service the dock and the materials are unloaded by non-powered equipment, such as a a dollie, manual pallet jack, cart or hand truck. This product is not meant for use with forklifts or powered equipment of any kind.

This type of dock plate is designed specifically for each application, so a survey of the site must be completed. This is a great product solution to a common loading problem. It is an excellent addition to Bluff’s quality product line.