Ergonomic Mats are a Great Investment

This morning I was greeted with several orders from the same customer for ergonomic mats. It’s a great way to start the day.

I think good Ergo Mats are the single most cost-effective investment for a company. The cost is very reasonable and the benefits to employees are huge.

We provided mats to an entire production area, and when I would visit the plant the workers on the line would yell at me “Hi, Mat Lady” and “I love my Mat”. I had one lady tell me that the mat had greatly improved her life. Since we provided the mats she and her husband had been going out dancing again.   A good Ergo Mat is $60-$70.  Amazing how a few dollars can really improve the quality of work and personal life!  Talk to someone that really knows ergonomic matting, buy some good mats and improve health, safety and morale at the same time.

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One Response to “Ergonomic Mats are a Great Investment”

  1. Douglas Bowling Says:

    My employer is currently engaged at a very high level of agressive lean focus events. One of the tools being taught is that every Operator must be standing in order to utilize the side to side range of motion in a safe, ergonomic fashion.
    If companies are going to buy into this mindset, matting is an absolute must. I worked on the assembly line for 10 to 12 years prior to becoming involved in lean, and I can say from experience that standing for more than 2 hours becomes quite painful and distracting. A new mat can mean the difference between a productive employee and thousands of dollars lost in lowered safety and quality.
    Great article. I look forward to hearing more about this in the future.

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